Honey has healing properties

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Did you know that Honey has healing properties? I had a wart on my hand for about 10 years. I had heard honey was healing… I treated that wart every day for about 3 weeks (dabbed honey on it).

On the third week, the thing looked weird and I was afraid I’d done something stupid… well, I bumped it on something, a little blood and the thing fell off. Now, there is barely a shiny spot where it was. Anyone??

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  • jason s says:

    Yes! one time, I cut my leg my leg wide open. There was blood everywhere and everyone insisted i go get stiches. I told them nonsense, and for weeks i put honey on the wound. After 2 months my leg was sewn up entirely. It really worked and to this day my leg tastes really sweet as well.

  • Observer says:

    Many healing properties. My first aid kit is in my fridge…a 1kg jar of Manuka honey, it has more medicinal properties than any other of which I am aware…check it out on the net. Hospitals around the world are using it for burn patients, it has other surprises too.

  • Sawyer says:

    didn’t know about the wart thing, but I knew honey was & is good for you.

  • musicman says:

    Yes, Woodsmoke, as a singer, I always had trouble with straining my voice, and they would tell me to take whiskey and honey, I guess it worked, I don’t know cause the whiskey always zonked me out!! But I think the honey by itself, soothes and draws up the skin, and helps it !!

  • bluedevil says:

    Many times as a child when I had a bad cold my Momma would mix honey with whiskey and lemon and it always made me feel better. Whenever I get truly sick, I still use that age old remedy because it works.

  • girlnamedmaria says:

    I had never heard of putting honey on a wart or something like that– amazing ! I try to do a lot of natural remedies and take natural herbs and supplements from my chiropractor more so than traditional prescriptions from a medical doctor.
    I do use raw honey in my green tea. And I have taken a spoonful or two to soothe a sore or scratchy throat.

  • M_Palidin_2001 says:

    Honey as medicine? Who would have thought of that, just because the ancient Babylonians used it for a host of thing.
    1 cosmetics
    2 embalming
    3 saves
    4 sweetener
    as we look through all of creation the old things are generally the best.

    Now that honey has been discussed take a look at Olive Oil, it’s not just for cooking.

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